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Spectrum II -- any love for four-knobs?


Been awol a while and thought I'd jump back in with a paean to a great Sunn amp -- the Spectrum ii (same as pre-reverb 100s).

I've owned several four-knob Sunns over the decades (check my avatar) always keeping an eye out for an "untouched" example with old glass.  Finally found a perfect 1968 -- final year for four-knobers excepting the 2000s.  Still had its original 2-prong cord.

I need a versatile amp and find the Spectrum ii can cover bass and rhythm guitar, live and on tape, without compromise.  I've tried doing this with various Fenders, Ampegs, Music Mans, Hiwatts, Vickys, etc., but the Spectrum comes out on top -- simple, flexible, easy to dial in, wonderful harmonics.

For bass, you just can't beat big glass.  As for guitar, I realize a clean signal out of a linear OT is not everyone's cup of tea, but I like it.  (I play teles and esquires and my main "effect" remains the guitar's volume knob.)  I just wish I could find a light cabinet as versatile as this amp.

Glad to be back.  Good to see the Forum active.

Ryan Phelps:
Yes! I own an early 4-knob 100S.

I you are up for a drive to Portland, Oregon....check this:


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