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Author Topic: Years and dates  (Read 870 times)

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Years and dates
« on: November 02, 2002, 12:28:33 pm »

Fantastic site!

REALLY well done. I am a concert sound engineer that works for some of the biggest pop acts in the world today, and haven't found a music/gear related website that excited me as much as this one in years.

My father was a musician before me, and often played Sunn. When I became a bass player, I had loads of high tech modern preamps and all that sort of crap. Walked into my local shop one day and the owner jokingly waved to a pile of "old Sunn crap" saying "oh yeah, it's for you"

It was, I got rid of all my new shit and went with dual Concert Bass heads. Everything turned to 10 but the midrange. I tried like hell to blow it up and failed miserably. Some of the best bass amps ever built.

Your site fills me with nostalgia and makes me remember how cool I though that my old man's Sunn gear was when I was a kid. I would look at those amps and realize that there was something going on there that I just didn't quite understand yet, but knew that it was going to be for me, nonetheless one day.

Anyway, it would be great to see dates of manufacture in the museum. I don't know that I have the resources to contribute, but I'll ask around and contribute what I can.

Keep up the good work.

Monty Lee Wilkes


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Years and dates
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2003, 01:05:29 pm »

Yo Monty.........I just read your post and I hate to see such enthusiasm go unanswered.  :lol:

Welcome aboard.........and keep the Sunn shining!!

Great Post!!

Bass-ically Yours,
Rich Briere
The Sunn Shack
MTD & Sunn: They're addictive!  :^>)