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Author Topic: SUNN!! 3 GUYS THAT HATE YOU  (Read 1165 times)

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« on: March 19, 2003, 11:05:53 am »

I use an original Model T, in the band 3 GUYS THAT HATE YOU
I use it along side a Red Bear half stack, which I have two of, but only use the one right now.

I also have a sec. gen. Model T, but do not use it at the moment due to that fact that we have no van, and no way to take four half stacks to a show. When we get a van I'll be using the two Model T's and the two red bear half stacks together!!!!!

I'm a SUNN freak, as well as a Red Bear freak!! Sunn lovers should check out the Red Bear MK 120 if you can find one!! They sound different, but in a good way!! GREAT BASS RESPONSE!! I do wish they were as loud as the Sunn though.