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  • November 15, 2018, 02:05:13 am
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Author Topic: SPL-8350 / SPL-4120 / SPL-8215 / SA-20 / SA-15  (Read 1506 times)

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Darren Veach

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SPL-8350 / SPL-4120 / SPL-8215 / SA-20 / SA-15
« on: July 26, 2000, 07:15:00 pm »

I am in need of information on the parts mentioned in the subject line.  They are as follows...

SPL-8350 : Mid-range/High horn.  30Watts RMS / 60Watts Program

SPL-8215 : 15" Bass Scoop cabinets

SPL-4120 : 15 Channel Stereo EQ

SA-20:  300Watt per channel @ 2 Ohm power amp / Can be bridged to Mono

SA-15:  150Watt per channel stereo power amp

This is ALL of the information that I have been able to find on these.  I recently bought all of this from a friend of mine, and would like to know more about it.  Original catalogs/manuals would be great, but I would settle for anything.  If you have any information, please e-mail me at

Don T.

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SPL-8350 / SPL-4120 / SPL-8215 / SA-20 / SA-15
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2000, 03:36:00 pm »

Hello Darren;
 Most of the stuf you have listed was being produced in 1984 except for the scoops. I have some info on all of it. Mostly sales info but I do have schematics for the SA amps. The cool 8350 horns had emilar drivers. Some years were produced with foster drivers. All had a cheezy wood adapter for the 1" horn to 2" throat of the NW Sound horn. I still own most of the types of gear you listed and they are still going strong after 15 years. Don T.
Don T.

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speaker dog

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Re: SPL-8350 / SPL-4120 / SPL-8215 / SA-20 / SA-15
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2018, 12:11:05 pm »

I am interested in purchasing as meny of the SPL 8350
horns as I can find