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Author Topic: Why I chose the "light of the SUNN."  (Read 879 times)

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Why I chose the "light of the SUNN."
« on: December 21, 2006, 02:07:36 am »

Scene: Local repair shop. about 3 weeks ago

Context: 1000S, Peavy 5150(special model, forgot actual designation,) Krankenstein, Mesa Boogie Triple rectumfryer.  All 100-120W rated.  All going using the same cab, cables, and Ax(Les Paul Studio, stock,) in their quest for the Crown.

Each one was warmed up and played through, using different volume, tone settings, reverb and tremolo(if equipted,) and all  channels(when applicable.) No effects used of any kind.

Conclusion:  The Sunn placed last in the Distort dept, no suprise there, it was not designed to be "hi-gain".  It was the loudest judging by ear, all agreed.

It also had a hard-to-describe quality of sound. One could use the phrase "intangable, yet, there."

While you heard the others, the Sunn had a "depth" you felt as well as heard.

In opinion of those there, it was also the "warmest sounding" and had the best "throttle response."

The lack of distortion, can be remided with a $200-500(new) tube mud-box like a Vox Bulldog,  Duncan Pre-amp, Bad Cat, V-twin, or any other of the many exceptional products available.

When asked about mod'ing the other amps sound "quality" to match the Sunns. the owner said "very expensive if at all possible."

Myself I use a Vox Bulldog with my 1000S, with its two distinctive channels and true bypass, combined with the reverb and tremolo circuits(I have the footswitch) I can get many great tones from " 50's Surf to Speed Metal."

As far as the heads natural drive.  Using a Les Paul and adjusting the volume and tone controls, I can easily get the "Woman Tone" from "Sun(n)shine of your love"  or Jimmy Page on "Communication Breakdown" just to name two, in fact I get an even deeper tone for those two songs.

About the only thing it won't do is 80's "glam-metal." No matter what you plug in. No great loss to me there.

Children of the SUNN are on to something.


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Re: Why I chose the "light of the SUNN."
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2006, 06:15:57 am »

Glad to see it was the best.

P.S. - I like the Mesa-Boogie adjectives, I've never heard that particular combination!

Whip Chop!

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Re: Why I chose the "light of the SUNN."
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2006, 03:47:57 pm »

As a convert from a Triple Rec I can say that my Model T is by far the best thing I have ever played...guitar, effect...anything.

The Maxon ROD 881's are great to run in front of them too for distortion. They have pre-amp tubes in them also. Aaron Turner from Isis uses them in front of his Sunn's.


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Re: Why I chose the "light of the SUNN."
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2006, 09:34:26 pm »

I'm here as a Marshall convert.

The best is very subjective.  Some people don't like the "full blown roar" and prefer somthing with more mid-range, less sag, and of course that Marshall "nasiliness", to serve up some examples.  I don't,  I like something that hits like a prime Mike Tyson.

And the others had to admit, nothing was as warm or hit as hard as the SUNN.

Like I mentioned, SUNNs are not good for "80's glam/hair rock/metal,"  which in my case is no loss at all.

As far as the number of fine Tube powered mudboxes/preamps, there is no shortage.

Both, past and present.  New and Used,  Boot-ique and availible at any Guitar store.

Anyone here remember the Wizard?  Mudbox that is.

But, there is a number of good to great, Analog and Digital distortions out there.  I figure with the Digitech Legend II that I use for most effects, some Tube grind is required.  Of course the Digi is old, failing, and in truth designed as a throw away.  I will be looking for a new effects unit soon.

To be fair the other amps were great as well!  Each had a unique charater, and all sounded excellent.

Thats why there is a growing number of people, Walking on and Waiting for the "SUNN!"


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