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Author Topic: Eminences for Sunn  (Read 1014 times)

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Eminences for Sunn
« on: June 05, 2010, 03:12:03 pm »

Ok so here's my little review for Eminence speakers into Sunn cab

Big Ben 15" 225w 8ohm for my 2000 Sunn 2x15

Wizard 16 ohm 75w into the Sunn 2x12 open-back

I only have played them for an hour but my 1st impression is «how could I live without them!?». After an hour I could already ear the low end getting their with the break-in I guess with time it will get even better.

Their good on clean with an little dirt tint, they sound warm and darker so it smooth the highs and with fuzz and overdrive it's where they perform!

Anyways, for my kind of music I would recommend them. (doom, sludge metal, and maybe rock with a good overdrive would be good too)

here's some pics:

Eminence Wizard vs Fender!

I have a small video clip, it's poor quality and distorted but it confirms one thing: it's freakin loud , specially in a soundproofed 14'x16' room! sorry if you don't like screams but their's some there...

the cops came 20min after doing this! I might need a better place...?! or add some soundproofing panels to the window too!
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