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Apologies if already posted elsewhere, but check this out. Antique Electronics is now selling Rogan knobs. They made them for the early Sunn amps.


These also appear on their commercial website cedist.com (https://www.cedist.com/products/knob-rogan-155-series-witch-hat-0-10). If you have an account there you'll save about 15%.

Ryan Phelps:
The numbered (0 -10) Rogan knobs Shown on AES website are the style used on Musicman amps. While similar to Sunn knobs, the numbers typeface used has a "square shoulder" rather than "rounded" as on Sunn amps. A small detail, but these won't match original Sunn knobs on your old amp.

Years ago, someone apparently commissioned Rogan for reproduction Sunn knobs and offered them for sale. I bought a bunch for restoration. More recently a forum member was considering another run of Rogan Sunn knobs, but it seemed that the cost vs. demand did not pencil-out.

Another Rogan knob on the AES website appears to match the earlier Sunn knobs with the large arrow in lieu of numbers. For a short time, Sunn had the numbers silk-screened on the control panel and used the arrow knobs.

Ryan Phelps:
A follow-up to my last post. I found some knobs listed on eBay as "Musicman" knobs. However these knobs have the "rounded" typeface as used on older (60's - early 70's) Sunn amps rather than the "square shoulder" typeface used on Musicman amps.
Search for "Musicman Rogan knob" and you'll find it. No affiliation! Just hoping to help those needing Sunn amp knobs for restoration.


I wonder if the seller is the same one who was making these available several years ago. As I recall, he had Rogan make them from the same tooling that the Sunn knobs were made from. Are these, in fact, the correct version for the early Sentura II and similar amps? Good find!


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