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Account Verification Email not being received after changing my password



I recently ran into an issue that a little communication on the forum in an appropriate publicly available place would have made much easier to deal with.

What happened started with my electing to change my account password. After you change your password an account verification email is sent to the email address associated with your account. This is pretty normal. However it turned out that I was never receiving the account verification email and consequently found myself unable to sign back in to the forum.  Because I couldn't sign back into the forum, I was left with no way to ask for help or contact anyone on the forum to ask for help. A real catch 22. I've been a software engineer most of my adult career and figured this was an email spam filtering issue. However because I couldn't sign in to the forum, I could not find any references that might have told me the domain from which the verification emails are sent. As it turns out, I don't think there are any such notes anywhere on the forum but at the time I didn't know that. I also tried to send a PM but found I couldn't because "my account hadn't been verified" and permissions would not allow me to do so...ugh!

If there is such help in a public location on the forum my apologies for this post as I could not locate the same and shame on me.

If you could place somewhere (for instance in the text that you show when an account verification email is sent or resent) that the domain from which the email is sent differs from the forum's domain and that it is in fact "stomplog.com" and that if users aren't getting the verification email they should place that domain in their anti-spam filtering white-list so that they will be able to receive the account verification email.

My ISP took a while to return my email and did determine that the issue is that the domain stomplog.com is hosted on a server whose upstream ISP appears on a known blacklist for spammer activity and therefore by default was being filtered out by my ISP in their effort to minimize the spam their subscribers receive.  I know this to be a relatively common activity by ISPs so perhaps others may also run into the issue.  Once the sending domain of the verification email was identified I was able to add it to the "Mailguard" anti-spam software used by my ISP and it allowed the account verification email to pass through to me.  It took me 2+ weeks to get the domain name that I needed to add to my anti-spam software.

Not the end of the world of course but it could easily be circumvented by this forum adding a notice to the account verification email message on the login screen.  If it would just mention that the email will come from the domain "stomplog.com" and that if the user doesn't get the email they should add that domain to their anti-spam filtering software and request another email be sent.

Just trying to help, thanks!


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