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I will email you pictures of the heads here's the asking price and a brief description of the heads.

SUNN Coliseum PA serial # DJ567778
Rectifier tubes have been replace with solid state caps
power tubes are 6550 possibly original??
premamp tubes are 12ax7's
This is a '67 or 68'
the 4 and 8ohm jacks tested appropriately
It's a 9 out of 10 as far as it's condition goes some rust on the exterior metal components but in great working condition.
fires right up and this thing truly screams and drips with crazy guitar tone.

SUNN Coliseum PA serial # unknown
Rectefier tubes have been replaced with weber copper caps.
Power tubes are JJ KT88's
preamp tubes are 12ax7's
This may have been a prototype.
There is an RCA plug on the back panel as well as a 2 extra 1/4" jacks one of which is labeled crudely " LINEOUT"
This output has been tested and does not function as indicated.
EVERYTHING is 10000% in working order with this head as well. tubes were upgraded and biased professionally in 2017.
This one is a 9 out of 10 as well considering its age.
some telex has been taped on the bottom of the unit and the band FLYING CIRCUS from the mid west in the 70's stenciled their name on the top.
Also the power supply is a huge military grey box rather than the stacked iron one on other models this may indicate that this was a prototype. Both speaker jacks tested at 4 and 8 ohms as labelled.

Sunn MODEL T red knob serial #A21359
This one is in perfect working order with WINO crudely scribed on the back (this was one o Scott "wino" weinrich's model T's that he used in the obsessed/st Vitus/ spirit caravan etc.
This has JJ KT88's and  long plate 12AX7's with gold pins by JJ tubes
This one is in perfect working condition telex is a bit for and scuffed but this thing truly screams!
This is a true relic from the early days of DOOM metal!

Sunn MODEL T red knob(replaced with silver) Red logo name plate
grill has been painted a tan color.
handles are rubber strap type and not original and have been mounted on the top for making it easier to carry.
This one needs work. Cosmetically its in fair shape. The last time it was plugged in it blew a fuse and one of the caps seems to be bad given that awful burnt smell it let off this one will be discounted because it's not in perfect working condition OR I may just get it repaired and sell it in full working condition. I'm undecided as of right now. But figured I'd list it because it's in need of repair. 
This one has 6550's
and JJ 12ax7's
$875.00 AS-IS

ALL PRICES ARE FIRM no low-ballers and I'm in no rush to sell don't waste my time or yours!

Please message me on here to get my email so I can send you pics in the head you are interested in.

I also have up for sale a 415M replica that I built some years back.
This would be a local only pick up item from Southern California.
I would part with this beast for $675.00 FIRM

Please contact me with relevant question only! Thanks!!!


left for dead:
Wrote me back but has been radio silence since....

Hi is there anything availabe?


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