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Hi, another newbie question. Is there a procedure for uploading/staging museum pictures for review and subsequent publication?

I searched on "museum" and see where the question has been asked several times but I really didn't see a clear answer.

I have a few pictures of an Enforcer Head and an Enforcer 4x12 A cabinet as well as schematics of the Enforcer Head and its footswitch. Also will have pictures of a restored set of 410SR cabinets soon. I don't see either of these in the museum currently so I was going to contribute them.


I'm pretty sure the museum is more like a mausoleum at this point. There haven't been any additions in many years, and no one knows how to add pictures.
Some of the previous posts you found explain the situation, but to summarize for all intent and purposes the museum just isn't accepting contributions anymore.
I think it's a shame personally, but that's the way it is...

Here's the solution: send me the Enforcer and the cabinet, and I'll see to it that pictures get into the Museum.


i can add a picture of an enforcer combo as well

Isaac, I've got them all crated and ready to go I'll just put on some stamps...oh crap I don't have enough, I guess I'll have to send them another time... :evil:


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