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This section is for items for sale or wanted. “For Sale” items should have a price; unlike online auctions sites where everyone can see things such as whether the seller's reserve has been met and the progress of their offers vs. other persons offers, this forum's or other free classified ad sites are “blind” from the buyer’s perspective and don’t work well, or even fairly for both parties in a "bidding" situation and is easily biased to bring over fair market value for the seller.
Dedicated auction sites provide a level playing field for everyone concerned, “make an offer” or “blind” classified ads do not.

In other words; the man-behind-the-curtain style of "make a cash offer and I'll think about it" heavily stacks the deck in the seller's favor, as if the seller is just hoping that someone offers way too much; with no hard selling price as a check/balance or reference point for a potential buyer has from which to make a reasonable “best offer”.

Even beyond the blatant negotiation advantage, an asking price is just sort of a common courtesy to prospective buyers, lets them know if their "right price" and the sellers "right price" is even in the same ballpark.

As an additional benefit, posting a selling price can also save the seller from dealing with ridiculous offers.

Also, it’s a good idea for sellers to post whether or not they are willing to ship, as well as the zip code that the item will be shipping from if they are willing to ship.
A lot of this old gear can get pricy to ship, and the “ship from” location can be helpful when a prospective buyer is contemplating a purchase.

Any questions or comments please feel free to PM or email me.


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