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Closest SUNN Model T clone ever?

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Hi folks,

what do you think about this one? First generation Model T with SUNN style tolex and corners, punched and powder coated front grid, brushed and printed aluminium faceplate. Original Carling switches.

Power transformer is custom made. Hammond OT. Bias measuring points for each tube - no need to pull out the chassis when changing tubes. Has footswitchable active fx loop, post phase inverter master volume on the back and an additional input for more gain (enables something similar to the Plexi "one wire mod"). The never used "Out" jacks had to go to make room for the footswitch jack and the input for more gain.

Tubes are JJ 6550 and TT ECC83. It's a little bit darker sounding than the original but just a tad of a difference (like a tube change can bring up). Has a very nice growl.


Wow dude, this looks like something special to me for sure! Did you churn this one out?

What about that grill? I am praying to any and all gods that you made it yourself and are willing to help me obtain one  :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Either way it is definitely something I would enthusiastically rock.

Thanks, hosebeast!

The grill is custom made by a local metalworking company. I asked them whether they have 2x20mm punches and they did. So I ordered a perforated metal plate with the proper shape and cutouts. (Actually I asked a self-employed friend to order it for me as they wouldn't sell to privat persons.)

Perforated metal plate manufacturers need the following data:
- width, height and thickness of the grill
- width and height of the holes (w1, w2)
- vertical and horizontal distance between the center of the holes
- non-punched space at the borders

Afterwards I let it powder coat by another local company.


Awesome thanks so much!

Would you mind posting what those deminsions are? Not trying to hijack your work here, I just don't have an original for reference and I'm not inclined enough to easily be able to find it out. About the only thing I can get myself is the actual size of the sheet I'll need.

Thanks in advance either way and again this thing is great


the grill is about 572x130mm. It's about 1mm thick.
The bottom rim is edged towards the back by 90 degree (additional ~15mm).
The upper rim is fitted into a notch ( ~3mm deep) in the top of the headshell, so the grill can't rattle.
The holes have a size of about 2x20mm. Not sure about the distance between the holes right now.
Of course, in reality all of the values differ slightly as they aren't metric.



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