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Author Topic: When the Deadbolt Breaks  (Read 538 times)

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When the Deadbolt Breaks
« on: March 15, 2010, 05:07:36 am »

We use Sunn Modet-T with a Sunn 6x12 cab for guitar & Sunn 300 T for bass: Please feel free to download our newest 2 disc record!

When the Deadbolt Breaks - The Last Day of Sun - Free Download! Press Release

FuzzTown Records is amped to announce the signing of psychedelic dirge metal vagabonds WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS...Their devastating new release," The Last Day of Sun", is a double CD that promises to be the darkest and most musically evolved CD this cult of nomads has released to date.

This collection marks the next two twisted chapters in the audio mind-f#%k of producer/vocalist/guitarist Aaron Lewis. The band (rounded out by Mike Connor on drums, Jon Harrison on Guitars and Roman Garbacik on bass & vocals), brings new levels of aggression to the songwriting all the while bathing "The Last Day Of Sun" with endless depths of low-end riffage and trippy psychedelia.

"This is an album of enormous heaviness, the likes of which have not been seen since early Neurosis. This band seems to have an unlimited amount of anguish to draw upon" Jon Zevon of

"When The Deadbolt Breaks is Ugly yet beautiful in their musical despair. At times lulling you into a false sense of serenity only to have that ripped away from you leaving you feeling like you've been assaulted or mugged, probably both" Paul Ryen of

With touring to support "The Last Day of Sun" gearing up to start in November, one thing is for sure...WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS is poised to deliver the end time message to pretentious mall metal. This is metal in its purest form.

To mark the launch of FuzzTown Records, a label dedicated to bringing new and innovative music to the public, F.T.R is releasing “When the Deadbolt Breaks - The Last Day of Sun” as a free download, exclusively through FuzzTown Records! Tell your friends, spread the word! Enjoy!

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Re: When the Deadbolt Breaks
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 01:29:34 pm »

Actually, there are multiple guitar tracks on this record, some of them were with  my Model-T with KT88's, and some of the tracks were recorded using a Sunn 1200S.  Just to get different tones