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Author Topic: model t front grill  (Read 4294 times)

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Re: model t front grill
« Reply #14 on: June 29, 2016, 01:47:14 am »

just found some metal thats really close and of all things its on a old fridge thanx for all the replys

I dunno if you still come around or not, but if you do I'd love to see a picture!

The absolute closest things I've found have been this thing from weber

And then this thing from Orange, which is both closer and further from what the original looks like

I look multiple times a day to see if by the grace of god an original grill might come up for sale, but no dice. I don't remember if I mentioned this a few weeks back or not, but I've checked with local perforation companies and they were no help. Checked with 3 different online perforators and they all no quoted me, which seems crazy.

So yeah, while the search will probably always continue, I don't think I'll ever run onto an original or a suitable replacement.

I even found a guy who sold the amp box when he rehoused his chassis, and he had thrown his grill piece away!

This whole situation is just the bane of my existence these past couple months haha