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Author Topic: New Model Question For Conrad  (Read 3028 times)

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New Model Question For Conrad
« on: May 18, 2012, 11:32:21 pm »

Hello Sir,
    Right now there are at least three companies that make extreme low-watt amps.  These are in demand because, they not only sound great but, they can be used without disturbing neighbors and such.  I think you are one of the premier amp builders in America and, the world.  I would be stoked if you would come out with a one or two watt amp with a 12AU7 output tube.  (Like the old radios!)  I feel you would sell many of them sir!  Not only that, you could license it out to another American manufacturer, if you did not want to go through the hassle of mass producing it sir.  I know I would buy one!  By the way, I've only heard on Youtube once, The Blues Jammer and, I went Wow!  When I can afford one, Lord willing, I will buy one!  I believe the only American company making these low-watters right now is Fender.  I have two myself but, mine are from Brit companies.  I just wanted to suggest that to you Conrad.                   A Fan
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